This is the story of a bear named Teddy!  He’s the hand-knit bear on the left.  He was a gift to a baby named Margaret in 1977 from her auntie.  He was so well-loved over the years as she grew up! He didn’t leave Margaret’s side for any length of time, even as an adult.  He’s a bit worn now, a bit tattered, but still very much loved.  

Last year, Margaret had a baby boy named Dalton, and for his first birthday this coming August, she wanted to give him something very special.  She contacted me to see if I could recreate a bear similar to Teddy for Dalton.  I immediately said yes when I saw Teddy!  He is a real treasure, and I was so honored to be asked. 

Introducing Teddy Jr.!  He’s the hand-crocheted bear on the right. He will be a present to Dalton on his first birthday from his mom.  I hope he will be as well-loved as Teddy is, and goes on many adventures with Dalton!

Thanks Margaret for the opportunity to be a small part in a teddy bear’s ongoing love story!  

From the Couch

So, I’ve been sick for awhile, almost a week I guess.  Whatever this shit-virus is, it knocks you on your butt!  Anyway, while I was on my butt, I started a Mrs. Brown’s Boys marathon, and while it hurt to laugh with my chest all congested and my sore throat, it definitely lifted my mood!  Of course now I start every sentence with “feckin”, which isn’t so great,  Actually, it kinda is!!!  Anyway, made this little middle-finger puppet for funsies! 

I also completed another chainsaw scarf for a customer.  I made it less bulky and more chainsaw-y than the original design. (I added a pull cord!) 

My labels came in!  If you ever need labels for your work, contact Jennifer Jewels (  Her labels are excellent, and while it may take a bit longer to receive them, they are so worth the wait!  Check em out!

My little girl turned 7 last week, and had a Lalaloopsy party.  We played pin the bow on Bea Spellsalot, which I had to make since I didn’t have the forethought to order supplies in advance!  I had help from my friend Sabi though, and it was fun.  I also made some button garland out of plates which you can kinda see in the picture.  Thanks Pinterest!

Now it’s back to work.  Still feeling like garbage, but a few more things have rolled off the hook while I’ve been laid up.  Feel free to comment with any TV show suggestions.  I’m going to start watching Absolutely Fabulous next I think, but it’s always good to have an arsenal of comedy titles to turn to.  Stay healthy, and check out my FB page, & follow me on the Twitter, and on the Instagram @cheewawamomma!

Haven’t posted on the blog for a bit. I’ve been having a lot of fun on Instagram though!  Follow me over there for more frequent mini-updates! Follow me on Twitter, and Facebook too.  Why not? :)

Anyhoo, I’ll tell you all about my recent trip to Toronto for the One of A Kind Show.  It was amazing!  Not only did I get to hang out with awesome friends, and meet some new ones, I was also inspired and uplifted by all of the artists and their creations.  Some of my favorite vendors included Nick Sianchuk with his little Nugs,  Heather Saunders of Needlings and sisters Jaimie and Jessica Craddock with their Magic Circus Art Dolls.  I also met Lisa Bell of Nerdbiskit, who wasn’t a vendor but was helping out at the Needlings booth.  All artists worth checking out!  And the fashions by Retro G Couture simply took my breath away!

I returned home rejuvenated and refreshed, and have been sketching and scheming ever since! Can’t wait to share!

I’m spending the rest of today de-cluttering the studio (formerly known as my craft hole!), and the evening celebrating my mother-in-law’s 75th birthday!  Happy Birthday Kaireen!  Love you very much.



NUNchucks & Other Stuff

Lately I’ve been delving into my old notebooks, rummaging through old ideas and chicken-scratched crochet pattern notes.  What a blast!  So many weird drawings (I can’t draw!), and ideas that I swore I’d drop everything to work on!  I lied to myself.  I have years of these notebooks.  And so I’ve decided to MAKE the time crochet them this year, to write out the patterns, to share them either on Etsy, on Ravelry, or as a free pattern on my little blog here! 

Which means I’ve had to scale back on taking orders, something that I hate to do.  But I’m doing it, and having a ball, despite feeling like I’m missing out on opportunities, and yes, feeling guilty for saying no. The NUNchucks are an idea I sketched (rather badly) 2 years ago. I wish I hadn’t waited so long to make them, I think they’re flipping fantastic!!

I still have a few larger scale orders to fill, like some goose hats for Young’s General Store in Wawa, which reopens for the season in May.  I also have committed to making some Viking hats to sell at our local high school’s reunion in June.  But I plan to continue taking time each week to be creative, to make something new, and to share it here online.

So check in here often, and also on the Facebook Page, the Etsy Shop, and the Ravelry Store.  I may even have some stuff up on soon. (I had a funny critic tell me my stuff belonged there instead of on Ravelry! LOL)  I’ll keep you posted. P.S.  Love deviantart!

Have a good day!  I’m off to work on another project. xoxo

New awesome patterns in the shop today!  Join the fun!

So, yeah, I’m publishing some of my patterns on Ravelry, as well as on Etsy!  Check it out!  Lots more awesomeness coming…xoxo

I made these dolls this past summer after reading about the issues the LGBT community in Sochi are facing.  I didn’t post the doll or the pattern though, as it was one of several projects that I’ve made and shelved over the years, made more for personal satisfaction than anything else. 

But reading a conversation this morning on Facebook inspired me to share it today.  I won’t go into the details of the conversation, or why I felt the need to share it.  I’d like you to decide for yourselves what the doll means to you (if anything at all!).  The internet is teaming people sharing their opinions and feelings in chat rooms and on message boards…I don’t think I could add much to what has already been said.

Anyway, here she is, my little rainbow matryoshka, shining a little light and love to anyone who is struggling to be themselves.  I’ve already had a few requests to make them and sell them, and I will be making a few later this week for sale in my Etsy shop.  If you’d rather make one yourself, the pattern is available in the shop right now.

Take care, and know that you are loved. xoxo

Blog issues

A few of my previous blog posts were deleted in an attempt to fix a problem with my blog, as it was leading folks to another site about rivers?  Anyway, it’s fixed after a day of fighting with it, but I can’t restore the posts I deleted.  I will update the blog with new content later this week.  Thanks for your patience!  xoxo

Flying Owl Phone Wrist Bags!  The perfect little bag for your cell phone.  These little owls are available in two sizes, and will keep your hands free for more important things. Perfect for shopping, slip in your bank card with your phone, and you don’t have to carry a purse!

Currently available for sale on my Facebook page, (Cheewawamomma Designs) and they will also be available at Live From The Rock! Folk Festival in Red Rock Ontario this August.  Come and enjoy some great music, and visit me and the owls!

I’M STILL HERE!!!  It’s been almost a year since I published my last post, or shared anything online.  All of a sudden I was swamped with local projects, local orders, and other life events, and my online plans for my blog, my site, and my Etsy store went up in smoke!  I’m not complaining though, life has been very, very good, and I’m so blessed to be able to do what I love, which is to create, create, CREATE!!!  So, I thought I’d share with you some photos of what I’ve been doing these last 12 months, and invite you to check out my flickr page for more photographic evidence that I did not fall off the face of the earth.

That being said, I must tell you all that I have lots of plans for 2013, and my biggest plan is to share more of my adventures in crochet and folk art with you!  The rest I’m keeping secret for now, but I will drop some hints over the next few weeks.

Take care, we’ll be in touch soon! xoxo